"We used InnerTerrestrial for mold abatement and found them to be orderly, timely (crucial in this situation) and all parties were pleased with the results. I have no hesitation in referring them based on our experience."

James Inman

Inman Construction

"Ricardo was AWESOME! I had a suspicion of mold and moisture in the downstairs bathroom and bedroom of a house I was about to rent. I called Ricardo and he came to inspect it later that day, squeezing me into the only 2 hours he had free that day. He thoroughly inspected the rooms for moisture and walked me through the life cycle of mold and the remediation process. He stayed until all of my questions were completely answered and promptly emailed an estimate the same day! We will be working with InnerTerrestrial for all of the demo process and we will be hiring Home Healing Renovations for the rebuild! I highly recommend hiring Ricardo!"

B. Jones

Berkeley, CA

​"​The work that InnerTerrestrial did was beyond phenomenal. They took every precaution in protecting my house during the repair work, including building a containment unit that reached up to my 16 foot vaulted ceilings. Their repair protocol is executed down to a science, literally. Mold lab studies were done to illustrate that all mold was removed from within the contaminated area.

The rebuild was supremely done. One would never know any work had ever been done at all!

Overall, the degree of their professionalism blew me away. If you are looking for a top-notch experience and you want the best for your home, Inner Terrestrial is absolutely the way to go. I highly recommend them-- it was a total pleasure working with you guys!​"​


Hercules, CA​

​"​Our upstairs tenant's toilet was leaking into our bedroom downstairs. We called another restoration company, recommended to me by the first plumber, and the price was outrageous — plus, they didn’t offer any drywall service. InnerTerrestrial was very professional, and Ricardo communicated every step of the way. Even better, the cost was almost half what the other company wanted, including the drywall repair. Having water damage two other times in this house, I can tell you that Inner Terrestrial is the only company to call. They will help make a difficult and uncomfortable situation into a much, much better one.​"​

Ivan B.

Berkeley, CA

​"​Our company manages 300 townhouses and we have hired Ricardo to do all of our remediation work. We have water damage and mold on a regular basis, as well as smoke ​a​nd pet odors to deal with. In some cases we've had to get innovative, but InnerTerrestrial has always taken care of these kinds of problems. They have great experience in the field and he has all of the equipment necessary to complete the job. They have always provided very competitive pricing, and every project was completed on time. I highly recommend their services.​"

Larry J.

Alameda, CA

​"​We called InnerTerrestrial to conduct a mold removal and remediation in our basement bathroom, and could not be happier with the results and quality of service. Not only did they work with us to provide the best possible service at a price to fit our budget, but they were incredibly responsive throughout the whole process and always answered the phone when I called and immediately replied to emails. The project was completed on budget and on time, and Ricardo explained every step of the process along the way. It was a pleasure working with InnerTerrestrial and I plan to work with them for any of our future projects.​"

Jordan E.

Oak Park, CA